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Dear Michelle, I honestly cannot thank you enough for the joy and laughter you provided with your show at Mum’s 70th Birthday. You have given, not only myself and Mum, a life time memory for her special day, but also all our of our guests. Never could I have imagined just how good your show was going to be and what an absolute hit it was with the ladies. I look back at all the footage I have and all I can hear is continuous laughter in the background. Your name gets mentioned on a daily basis with all the guest who are still giggling over the hilarious antics the volunteers got up to. One of the best comments I heard on the day of the party was when one of the volunteers who was hypnotised sat down at her table after your show and said to all the ladies “Well that was a waste of time – nothing happened” They all burst out laughing! You truly are a professional, and I am so thankful we found you! You will be top of our entertainment list for all future functions.

Eladie Slater


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We all have the ability to forget pain. Sometimes we just need to find that ability again.
What does that mean?
Close your eyes just for a minute.
Imagine you have just broken your arm and are in so much pain that you can’t focus on anything but that pain.
Now you see a lion running across the yard straight at you.
Where’s that pain gone?

Life after children

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*Lack of privacy
*Too old
*Just life getting in the way
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