Birthing in Trance Training Course


The complete course includes lifetime access to 13 videos and audio and Facebook Private Group Membership: With over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse and 20 years as a midwife, I have honed my skills in the art of birthing through trance. Using trance to assist women during birth is a natural process that women can easily tap into if not influenced by external voices of intervention.

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Birth is a unique, personal experience for women, a place where they can relax, imagine, and draw upon their inner strength, guidance, and wisdom. Whether you have had prior prenatal education, hypnobirthing classes, or none at all, it is your mindset and connection to your inner birthing place that truly matters.

Birthing in Trance is a method that emphasises the importance of trusting one’s body and enjoying the birth experience. It advocates for natural and empowered births and encourages women to approach childbirth as a positive and transformative event.

By focusing on relaxation, mindfulness, and a supportive environment, Birthing in Trance aims to help women have a safe and fulfilling birth experience.


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