Happiness Hypnosis Audio


Audio length (33 mins) Happiness Yes, that’s true. Happiness is a complex concept that can have different meanings for different people. For some, happiness is a fleeting emotion that comes and goes, while for others, it’s a more sustained state of contentment and well-being.



The idea that happiness is both a goal and a motivation is not new. It’s often referred to as the “happiness paradox” because people often pursue happiness, but when they achieve it, they realise that it was the journey, not the destination, that was the most meaningful and fulfilling part.

It’s important to understand that happiness is not something that can be pursued directly or guaranteed, but rather it’s a by-product of living a fulfilling life and engaging in meaningful activities and relationships.
Instead of trying to chase happiness, it’s more effective to focus on creating a life that brings you joy and purpose. This can involve setting achievable goals, engaging in activities you enjoy, and building strong and supportive relationships. By doing so, you’ll likely find that happiness is a natural and ongoing aspect of your life. Take this journey with Michelle Brain to discover what happiness is to you.


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